Ukrainian partisans poison four Russian soldiers in Mariupol

Russian invaders
Russian invaders

Four Russian soldiers, including officers from the so-called "Main Department of the DPR's (Donetsk People’s Republic) Ministry of Internal Affairs" in occupied Mariupol, were poisoned by Ukrainian partisans, according to the Atesh resistance movement on Telegram on May 30.

The soldiers reportedly turned to "consuming local alcoholic beverages, received as humanitarian aid, as a means of coping with depression amid heavy losses and constant fear of [Ukrainian] strikes."

Four of them have allegedly died in the city from alcohol poisoning.

Atesh is a military guerrilla movement formed by Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in the occupied territories of Ukraine and Russia in response to the full-scale Russian invasion in 2022. Their goal is to weaken the Russian army by infiltrating and divulging information on positions, warehouses, soldiers, and equipment, and conducting sabotage operations at warehouses and headquarters.

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