Ukrainian SBU detains Russian agent in Kharkiv Oblast

SBU detains Russian spy in Kharkiv Oblast
SBU detains Russian spy in Kharkiv Oblast

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained an agent of Russian special services who was spying on locations of Ukrainian troops defending Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast, SBU reported on Telegram on June 6.

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According to the investigation, agent is a resident of Vovchansk, who was remotely recruited by Russian military intelligence in 2023. The man began spying for the Russians during recent second enemy offensive in Kharkiv Oblast.

To fulfill his task, informant recorded the geolocation of Ukrainian military in Vovchansk and nearby villages, tracked the flights of Ukrainian attack helicopters, as well as the positions of Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance and heavy artillery. In addition, the suspect solicited information from local residents during conversations on everyday topics.

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The man passed the collected information to Russian special services by phone. According to the SBU, the Russians needed intelligence for new attempts to capture the city and further advance in Kharkiv direction.

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