Ukrainian soldier fights on after mine costs him a foot

Soldier returns to the front despite being wounded
Soldier returns to the front despite being wounded

A Ukrainian soldier known as Hulk, serving with the Achilles Air Assault Battalion of the 92nd Brigade, continues to serve on the front lines despite losing his foot in a mine explosion in October 2022. This report comes from the Ukrainian news outlet Hromadske as of April 30.

After the incident, Hulk was fitted with a prosthetic foot and given a "limited fitness" status by a military medical commission, but he was determined to return to his unit. "I asked my commander: if he felt that I had become a burden to my brothers-in-arms and to the cause, to tell me immediately," Hulk stated. Nearly a year later, he is still active in combat, with his commander having no complaints about his performance.

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Hulk's resolve reflects a broader sentiment among injured soldiers who are keen to continue serving. "A person with a prosthesis can sometimes perform more functions than someone on his own two legs if he has the desire and willpower," he said.

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Recent changes in mobilization laws mean Hulk must undergo another military medical examination despite his disability. He expressed reluctance to take the exam soon, fearing a possible discharge. "I'm not in a hurry to go there, because they might still declare me unfit for the army," he explained.

"And what will I do then? The Russians are coming, and I'm unfit?" Hulk pondered, expressing his determination to remain on the front lines as long as he can contribute effectively.

Hulk remains undeterred by his injury, which he views as relatively minor compared to others he has seen. "So my foot was blown off. So what?" he declared defiantly. "I've seen [much worse] injuries in hospitals! Mine is not so bad at all. And my car is an automatic, it drives itself. Yes, it was uncomfortable for me to drive it, but I tried, made sure I could. And I did get there.”

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