Ukrainian survival important to US — Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The Ukrainian survival and strength are "important not only to Europe but to the United States," Former U.S. President Donald Trump said on Truth Social on April 18.

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Trump also accused European allies of not spending enough money to support Ukraine.

“Why isn’t Europe giving more money to help Ukraine?” he said.

“Why is it that the United States is over $100 Billion Dollars into the Ukraine War more than Europe, and we have an Ocean between us as separation! Why can’t Europe equalize or match the money put in by the United States of America in order to help a Country in desperate need?”

This post marks one of Trump’s first acknowledgments that Ukraine’s survival is an important U.S. security interest, Reuters said.

Trump reportedly altered his tone amid the upcoming vote in the House of Representatives on a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine.

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Some hard-right Republicans interpreted the post as a signal that he opposes the current aid package, though Trump did not say that explicitly, the publication said.

Donald Trump on Russia’s war against Ukraine

Former U.S. President Donald Trump promised to quickly end the war in Ukraine if he wins the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election, during a speech made on Jan. 16.

“I know President Putin very well. I know Zelenskyy very well,” said Trump.

“We’re going to get it solved very quickly.”

Trump repeatedly claimed that he would “achieve” an end to Russia’s war against Ukraine within 24 hours if re-elected. He also said he “would have allowed” Russia to capture part of Ukraine and that the U.S. is sending too much weaponry to Ukraine.

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Trump stated that Putin supposedly “wanted peace” but now “will probably get everything” in March 2022. The former U.S. President also called the Russian dictator “a very smart person.”

Trump’s plan to end Russia’s war against Ukraine is for Ukraine to give up Crimea and Donbas to Russia, the Washington Post reported on April 7.

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