Ukrenergo cancels air conditioning procurement tender

Ukrenergo announces cancellation of controversial air conditioner procurement tender
Ukrenergo announces cancellation of controversial air conditioner procurement tender

Ukrenergo's tender for purchasing air conditioning systems, published in early 2024, has been canceled due to changing circumstances, the company reported on Telegram on June 6.

"Our procurement department has already initiated the cancellation procedure in compliance with the law,” the company noted. “From the moment the company urged all consumers not to turn on air conditioners, split systems in our buildings and offices were turned off as well."

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The company's statement provided more details on the tender:

"The tender published on Prozorro for the replacement of split systems, which are 16 and 13 years old, was prepared in early 2024 when the energy system fully covered the needs of consumers,” the message said. “The purpose of this purchase was to ensure uninterrupted cooling in the technical premises: the accumulator room and the elevator engine room. This is indicated in the Prozorro tender documentation.”

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“We procure everything in strict compliance with the law and transparency rules, thus the preparation of procedures takes some time. This tender was announced, unfortunately, at the same time as forced restrictions on energy supply due to Russian attacks came into effect. To avoid misinterpretation and not to let this information mislead anyone, the tender will be canceled. We will repair the existing air conditioning systems to ensure the operation of the technical infrastructure. The tender procedure will resume when power cuts are canceled.”

“We will also review all our current cooling device purchases. It is hot in our offices — just like in every other office in Ukraine. Our internal rules will once again remind our employees who work in office premises how to properly manage the heat; there is no dress code in the company at the moment as well."

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No information about this tender cancellation appeared on as of 12:05 a.m. EET.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukrenergo will purchase air conditioning systems for the company's management for UAH 630,000 ($15.7 thousand). The corresponding tender appeared in the Prozorro system on June 3, with the deadline for submitting proposals on June 11, and the auction itself taking place on June 12. It is planned to purchase four sets of air conditioning systems in total, with installation services included.

Ukrenergo Chief Volodymyr Kudritskyi blamed the use of air conditioners for causing electricity shortages on June 2.

Ukrenergo predicts the most challenging situation in Ukraine's energy system will be in mid-summer 2024, as electricity consumption is expected to skyrocket due to the hot weather.

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