Unborn baby dies after mom is strangled, Georgia cops say. Accused killer is missing

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More than a week after a pregnant woman and her unborn baby were killed, authorities are still looking for the suspect , Georgia police say.

Juana Jose, 22, died on Monday, Jan. 29, after she was rushed to a hospital following a “medical call,” according to a Facebook post from the Gainesville Police Department. Jose was pregnant at the time of her death, and her unborn baby died.

Further investigation and an autopsy revealed Jose was strangled to death, police said.

Now, police are searching for Max Rocael Calel Sanic, 20, who is charged with malice murder and felony feticide in Jose and her baby’s death.

Jose’s sister, Magdalena Carmelo Jose, told WANF that her sister was a “cheerful person.”

“She has a happy charisma. She is good and gentle with people. She is happy and friendly,” Carmelo Jose said, according to WANF.

Carmelo Jose said her sister, who was the mother to a 1-year-old, was about three months pregnant. The family does not know Calel Sanic, she told WANF.

. Police described Calel Sanic as a “known associate” of Jose. The department did not immediately return McClatchy News’ request for comment.

Anyone with information about Calel Sanic’s location is asked to call 911, the department said.

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