Taylor Swift lookalike leaves TikTok users baffled: 'I remember getting brutally made fun of'

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A Taylor Swift fan who bears a shocking resemblance to the pop star went viral after recreating all nine stages of Swift’s career in an elaborate TikTok.

User @juliiieanne, who goes by Julie on TikTok, left fans stunned with her elaborate costumes that perfectly reconstructed Swift’s many different looks across her 15-year career. The video has earned over 4 million views and 1.2 million likes since being published in early April 2021.

The 22-year-old musical theatre student told In The Know that she’s been a “huge Swiftie” since she was 8 years old, and now even has a lyric tattoo (and a viral video) to prove it.

“I remember getting brutally made fun of back in the day for liking her, but I never cared,” she said.

Commenters pointed out the striking resemblance Julie bears to Swift in her TikTok.

“Are you telling me this isn’t her?” one user said.

“You’ve completely outdone yourself with this,” another wrote.

Julie doesn’t really think she looks like Swift, though. She’s more of a fan of the mega-star’s on-stage aesthetics.

“I’ve always shared her flair for the sparkly and dramatic, and I think as I grew up, I started to incorporate more and more inspiration from her into my personal style,” she said. “The bangs probably don’t hurt either.”

When Julie attended Swift’s Reputation Tour in 2018, she wore one of her costumes, and a number of people told her she looked like the singer and asked her to pose for photos.

“I remember thinking that was absolutely insane,” she explained.

A while later, Swift released merchandise honoring her so-called “eras,” or the aesthetics she adheres to for each album cycle. That inspired Julie to try to recreate some of the looks.

For a couple of the costumes, like the formal dress of Swift’s self-titled debut album and the plaid coat of the Evermore era, Julie bought her clothes from Fashion Nova. The more elaborate costumes — like the marching band outfit from Fearless and the ringleader costume from Red — she had to make herself.

“So much glitter and fabric glue,” she joked.

Ultimately, the whole thing, including making costumes and editing the clip’s audio, took about four months to complete. The filming and video editing process alone took 13 hours over three days.

To Julie, it was totally worth it.

“I’m incredibly grateful that TikTok gave me the opportunity to have so much positivity come out of this,” she said. “I used to sing Taylor Swift songs in my room into a hairbrush in secret for years so it’s incredible to get to share something that makes me so happy with so many people.”

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