Uncle Howdy makes highly anticipated return to WWE on Raw, continues Bray Wyatt's legacy

Uncle Howdy is back — and he has the whole world in his hands.

For weeks, speculation has been building for the return of the late Bray Wyatt's companion, played by his brother Taylor Rotunda, better known as Bo Dallas. On "Monday Night Raw," the character returned to WWE after the end of the men's Money in the Bank qualifying match at the conclusion of Raw.

The lights went out in the arena and the camera showed a strange woman walking onto the ramp. The camera followed backstage to a brutal scene of superstars laid out in carnage, while three people in masks stood over. Finally, Uncle Howdy emerged from the darkness and walked out into the crowd with his entourage. He held the signature Bray Wyatt lantern as the group huddled around him, and he proclaimed "We're here," before he blew out the lantern and the show ended.

WWE stars appeared to confirm their involvement with the Wyatt Sicks and they were at Raw with Uncle Howdy. Nikki Cross shared an image from one of the QR codes, Joe Gacy shared an image of the group. WWE is also selling apparel of the Wyatt Sicks.

Uncle Howdy was introduced by Wyatt after he made his return to WWE in October 2022. Uncle Howdy initially appeared as an antagonist to Wyatt, but would be his companion during his feud with LA Knight. When Wyatt and LA Knight faced off in a pitch black match at the 2023 Royal Rumble, Uncle Howdy came out and delivered a diving elbow off the top off a platform to LA Knight.

Afterward, it appeared Wyatt and Uncle Howdy were headed toward a WrestleMania 39 match involving Bobby Lashley, but Wyatt was taken off television due to a reported illness, and as a result, so did Uncle Howdy. But the character never returned with Wyatt, as the WWE star died in August 2023.

Months after Wyatt's death, there were several reports about WWE wanting to bring Uncle Howdy back as a way to honor and continue to legacy of Wyatt. Since April, odd music has randomly started playing inside arenas during WWE shows, and glitches during the broadcast would happen with a QR code shown, which would lead to disturbing and confusing messages hinting at Uncle Howdy and the group, the Wyatt 6, appearing in the near future. The most recent QR code led a countdown that would end during "Monday Night Raw" on June 17.

Now the family is here, and the Wyatt legacy continues on.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Uncle Howdy makes highly-anticipated return to WWE on Raw