Unclear what Ukraine can expect from NATO summit — Kurt Volker

UNDECIDED QUESTION: Volker tells what to expect from the NATO summit
UNDECIDED QUESTION: Volker tells what to expect from the NATO summit

NATO allies are yet to reach a collective decision on how the Alliance should engage with Ukraine in the future, Former U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker told NV on March 12.

A NATO summit is scheduled this summer in Washington, where Ukraine hopes to receive a clear invitation to join the Alliance. Volker, however, believes there is currently no consensus among Alliance members regarding this issue.

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“It's too early to say exactly what to expect—discussions are still ongoing, as are the plans being considered,” said Volker.

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“For example, how we can best assist Ukraine in this war, looking at the long-term perspective, particularly in terms of the defense industry's outlook, the training of armed forces, and bringing them up to NATO standards.”

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According to him, the biggest challenge Ukraine faces in the future is becoming a member of the Alliance and for that invitation to be extended as quickly as possible.

"But there is no consensus at this point on that matter and on the answer to the question of how to make it happen," Volker noted.

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