Uncomfortable moment that has 'never happened before' on 'The Voice' has a happy ending

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Twenty-six-year-old Stephan Marcellus got off to a shaky start on The Voice Tuesday night and the pressure was clearly getting to him before he even hit the stage. “Before coming out here, I almost had a nervous breakdown,” Stephan said, “because I’m going up against people who riff and run, maybe even studied music, and I’m coming in with just a natural, bare soul.”

Stephan took the stage to sing “Take Me to Church” by Hozier but struggled with the lyrics right out of the gate. As he mumbled through the opening lines of the song, the coaches looked at each other, stunned at what they were hearing. Stephan eventually pulled himself together right in time for the chorus and it didn’t take long for one of the coaches to give him some support. Jennifer Hudson immediately turned her chair once Stephan actually started singing, while the other three coaches were left stunned by the mistake.

Making Sense of It All

After the performance, Adam Levine tried to make sense of what just happened. “There was some sort of thing going wrong, and then we all heard you find it,” Adam explained. “The next thing I knew, Jennifer turned around. That’s literally never happened before.” But Hudson had a good reason for not giving up on the nervous singer. Hudson said, “It’s because I was in that same position before. And I completely forgot all the words to the song, but that don’t mean you can’t sing.”

In the end, everyone was just glad that what could’ve been a terribly awkward fail had a very happy ending. Blake Shelton told Stephan, “How cool is it that that happened to you and Jennifer is your hero, man? She swooped down, she saved the day for you, man. Welcome to The Voice.”

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