Unexpected death has ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ fans freaking out

Fear the Walking Dead fans are freaking out after Nick was unexpectedly killed at the end of Sunday’s episode. Unlike some deaths in the Walking Dead franchise, there was no foreshadowing for Nick’s. In fact, it seemed as though Morgan may have been making progress in convincing Nick of the value of human life. What was even more surprising than Nick’s death was who shot him: Charlie, the little girl who infiltrated the Diamond for the Vultures. For Charlie it was an act of revenge. Just a short while earlier Nick brutally killed Ennis, a Vulture who was likely very important to her.

“I’m the one who found her (Charlie),” Ennis said to Nick and Madison earlier in the episode. “I’m the one who taught her how to make it out here.”

Some fans are outraged at the writers for killing off Nick, but according to the show runners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, the actor who plays Nick, Frank Dillane, asked to be killed off so he could pursue other opportunities. 

Besides Nick no longer being on the show, there’s also speculation that Madison is also dead because she only appears in flashback scenes. If that’s the case, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is now the last surviving member of the Clark clan.