Unions to involve faith groups in ‘shared mission’

A new trade union faith and belief network is being launched to encourage dialogue between unions, faith organisations and community groups.

The TUC said the aim is to explore common ground on the dignity of labour and trade union rights, and in-work poverty.

The network will be launched at the TUC Congress in Liverpool on Monday.

TUC president Maria Exall said: “Unions want to work more closely with faith organisations and local groups to find long-term solutions to the social and political challenges our communities are facing.

“This new coalition will bring together community activists and trade unions to support real-terms pay rises, an end to food poverty, a reduction in energy bills, decent homes for all and an increase in taxation on those at the top end of society.”

Faith groups are to be encouraged to participate in chats with unions (Callum Dent/PA)

NASUWT general secretary Dr Patrick Roach said: “There is much common ground between the work faith and community organisations and trade unions are doing to campaign for a dignified and decent standard of living for all in our society.

“Our communities are stronger when we work together, united in common purpose, and the launch of the network is part of our shared mission to secure a better deal for workers and families.”