The Universes of 'Cowboy Bebop' and 'Overwatch 2' Collide

It has been nearly a year and a half since Activision Blizzard shut down Overwatch and introduced Overwatch 2. Countless changes have been made to the game since, with "Season 9: Champions" launching last month. Notably, the season's trailer made a curious inclusion that brew up much excitement from fans. It's outro was interrupted by Cassidy and his signature tumbleweed before cutting to a jukebox that played "Tank!," the opening track to the legendary anime series Cowboy Bebop.

Now, after a month of anticipation, the collaboration with Cowboy Bebop has now been confirmed, serving as a follow-up to last year's One Punch Man-themed project. While a complete reveal of the cosmetics has not yet taken place, various details have been outlined as skins, emotes, highlight intros and more are on the way.

Focusing on the skins, Spike Spiegel comes to life as Cassidy, Faye Valentine and The Red Tail, her personal ship, as Ashe and B.O.B., Jet Black as Mauga, Ed as Sombra and Ein as Wrecking Ball. Each skin will be available for purchase next week with the latter of which arriving as a free unlockable.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Cowboy Bebop x Overwatch 2 as the skins are set to be officially revealed on March 11, with them and other cosmetics releasing in-game on all platforms the day after on March 12.