University of Moncton hosts e-gaming tournament

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University of Moncton hosts e-gaming tournament

The University of Moncton was the place to be on Saturday as hundreds of Maritimers participated in TomorrowLAN, an e-gaming tournament.

For Christian Boudreau, e-gaming isn't just about the competition, it's also about the people you meet.

"You can reach a lot of people with it. And normally a lot of people that might not compete at certain things, so I think it's a big appeal for that. And I meet great people every time I come, so for me it's all about the people I meet," he said.

The tournament comes at the end of a week following repeated cyber attacks against against one of the university's students.

For Justin Leblanc, another player in the tournament, the event offers a little relief.

"People are just looking for something positive to go to for once because you see a lot of the negative on the news on the media. It's nice just to have something positive and good."

Competitive gaming continues to grow in popularity.

This year's event included games like Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter.

Most of the games were played on PCs.

"If you look around, there's a lot of PCs. PC games are popular," said event co-organizer Richard Dignard.