University of Regina alumnus and his partners donating $2 million for scholarships

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Nevan Krogan is donating $2.08 million to the university along with his partners.  (Mah Noor Mubarik  - image credit)
Nevan Krogan is donating $2.08 million to the university along with his partners. (Mah Noor Mubarik - image credit)

The University of Regina has received its largest ever one-time donation from alumnus Nevan Krogan and his partners.

The money will go toward funding the Children of Haiti Project Scholarship. It's aimed at providing students who were affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti a full scholarship to study any program of their choice.

The scholarship will go to 10 students from the Children of Haiti Project school and will cover the cost of tuition, housing, immigration and living expenses. The total amount of the donation is $2.08 million.

"A lot of these kids are a lot smarter than I was or am now. And just giving them an opportunity I think is going to be an amazing opportunity," said Nevan Krogan.

"You watch, they're going to be here at the university, and they are going to be some of the best students here."

He said helping give younger people an opportunity is a part of the reason why donating is so important.

Krogan received his undergraduate degree from the University of Regina and is now working as a scientist in a lab at the University of California, San Francisco. He said he wouldn't be where he is without the training he got from the university.

He's reaching out to colleagues and collaborators that he's gained over the course of his career to raise money for the donation.

U of R president Jeff Keshen said the donation will change lives.

"This gift is going to change the lives of 10 students, promising students — whose lives and families were devastated in the earthquake in 2010," Keshen said.

The Children of Haiti Project is a non-profit organization aimed at bringing education, nutrition and medical to children who live in poverty in Haiti. The Children of Haiti Project school was created in the aftermath of the earthquake, which devastated the country.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake left more than 2 million people displaced. The school took in children who were four to five years old and gave them education and safety. Most of the children have stayed in the school for 10 years, since the program first started. The first batch of students is expected to graduate in 2023.

The selection process for the scholarship is still ongoing. Some of the students chosen will begin studying at the university in the fall of 2023.

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