Unlikely U.K.-NFL connection led to 'love' of Fantasy Football

It all started with a semester abroad in the United States for Dan Green, a native of Britain. His time at South Carolina introduced him to American-style football, and being a in class with future NFL Pro Bowler Alshon Jeffery only fueled his growing curiosity.

Green wanted his friends back in Britain to be part of the fun when he returned home, so he pushed them to start watching the NFL. They were hesitant at first. He bribed them with pizza and telling him stories about players and the NFL, but it was Fantasy Football that finally did the trick.

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Fast forward a few years and four members (Green, Josh Adley, Andrew Charles and Jonathan Peters) of the 10-team league now host a weekly fantasy podcast “Brits in the End Zone” that offers tips and a light-hearted take on the NFL.  While each Sunday is for gathering to watch Red Zone and tracking their team’s progress, it goes deeper. It has allowed a group of friends to bond over a new passion.

“It was baby steps (when we first started) but now we just absolutely love it,” said Charles.

“We are now in our third year and everyone is obsessed with it.”

When it comes to Fantasy Football, that’s something anyone who plays, no matter what country they set their lineup from, can agree on.