The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is on sale today

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on a white background.

If you’ve wanted to grab the most recent model of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, now is your chance — especially if you prefer buying unlocked phones that aren’t attached to providers. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a nice price cut when you buy straight from Samsung. It’s currently selling for $1,300, down from $1,420. You could potentially drop that price all the way to $670 if you have an eligible trade-in. Check out more about the phone below.

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Why you should buy the Galaxy S24 Ultra

There is a lot to love about the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but the biggest new change to the S24 lineup is Galaxy AI, which has a lot of powerful new features. It includes things like live translation for both text and voice, the ability to circle an image and find relevant search terms, and the most powerful and most likely used, AI photo editing that lets you easily alter backgrounds and remove or add things. It’s probably one of the most advanced phones that you can find right now, and since the Ultra comes with a massive 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED and a stylus, it actually makes it a lot easier to do all these things compared to other phones.

A lot of this AI stuff is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 that’s been optimized specifically for Samsung, so you don’t actually need an internet connection to do a lot of the Galaxy AI tasks. It also means that it has some pretty impressive performance overall, so it’s great for things like productivity and even gaming. Even more impressive is the massive 5,000mAh battery, and with all the optimizations, you can expect the phone to last up to two days, which is impressive for a flagship phone.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is easily one of the best phones on the market, and if you want the best of the best, then be sure to take advantage of Samsung’s discount that brings it down to $1,300. Of course, if you feel that’s still a bit expensive, there are some other great phone deals you can take advantage of.

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