Unsealed search warrants reveal new details about Quebec City mosque shooting

Nephew of Quebec City mosque shooting victim pleads guilty to threatening alleged gunman

Police search warrants issued following the mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City include details about what happened the evening of Jan. 29.

The attack left six men dead and 19 others wounded.

In the heavily redacted documents, a police sergeant confirms the first calls to 911 alerted police there were already several people killed.

The first call came in at 7:54 p.m., reporting that "a man was on the ground and several gunshots had been fired."

In the next few minutes, more calls came in to 911 about the same incident.

Someone described the suspect as carrying a "machine gun."

When officers arrived at the mosque moments later, one agent entered the mosque to find "several people standing, sitting or lying down. He sees the injured and lots of blood," the warrant states.

The officers counted four bodies.

The police department's tactical squad arrested Alexandre Bissonnette a short time later, and he was handed over to officers at 9:10 p.m.

Police requested a warrant to search his apartment and seize his electronics.

Request for more info

The documents also contain some information from witness testimony, but much of it has been redacted by the Crown prosecutors office.

A judge is reviewing a request to have more information made public, such as some of those descriptions from witnesses as well as the reasons for searching the suspect's apartment.

None of the information contained in the search warrants has been proven in court.