Unsuspecting Lizzo fans totally freak out after getting pranked by the singer

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night, which was guest-hosted by actress Kerry Washington, Lizzo surprised unsuspecting fans for a bit called "Undercover Sing," during which the singer/rapper improvised lyrics to some of her most popular songs in order to hilariously prank them.

The first fan, named Jason, was brought into a room to listen to Lizzo's new album. After sharing that he traveled from Jacksonville, Florida and is a full-time real estate agent and part-time comedian, Jason put on a pair of headphones as Lizzo sang, "In a minute, imma need a real estate comedian from Jacksonville." Realizing that the lyrics to Lizzo's song "About Damn Time" had been suddenly customized to him, Jason started to freak out. That's when Lizzo left the room next door, sharing, "I feel like I'm on Maury" before popping into Jason's room to surprise him.

Jason didn't even know what to do with himself as he suddenly found himself nervously playing pat-a-cake with Lizzo. However, while his reaction was hilarious, nothing compared to the second fan they brought in, who, upon meeting Lizzo in person, just screamed as he refused to believe that the woman in front of him was real.

Fans were thinking it was about damn time when Lizzo finally released her highly anticipated album titled Special one week ago. And on Wednesday, one of them shared that it was good as hell, as she stated, "It's the party album of the summer. It's going to be crazy!"

Ultimately, it was a great day for the chosen few who, on top of getting to meet Lizzo, also received tickets to her upcoming tour, which kicks off September 23.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

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