Until traffic signal is up, flaggers to work busy Idaho 55 intersection. Here’s the info

One of Idaho’s most-traveled rural intersections will receive a makeover in the coming years, the Idaho Transportation Department announced on Friday.

Until then, ITD will deal with another busy summer by having flaggers work the intersection of Idaho Highway 55 and the Banks to Lowman Highway.

The department is adding an interim traffic light at the intersection, a decision made to address Idaho’s growing population and reduce the strain on its mountain highways, ITD said in a news release. Idaho 55 witnesses the most fatalities per year of any road in the state.

The temporary traffic signal will not be operational until later this year, so ITD will have workers flagging at the intersection during peak travel periods this summer, beginning with Father’s Day on Sunday. Here are the other times when flaggers will be assisting to keep the traffic flow going at Idaho 55-Banks Lowman Highway:

  • All Sundays in July

  • The first and second Sundays in August

  • Labor Day

ITD said it also will begin designing a plan to improve the intersection’s ability to handle heavy traffic flow. The process will include widening the bridge over the Payette River and expanding the road to accommodate the space for permanent traffic signals.