Unusual catch: Fort Resolution trapper nabs 2 weasels at once

Henry McKay has been trapping for almost 50 years but was surprised when he caught two weasels in a single trap this year. Usually, they're solitary animals.

"I set these traps and I saw something," he said. "One weasel with a little bit of snow on it. So I pick it up, there's two in it."

McKay hadn't seen two weasels together before and now wonders if they're siblings. 

The Fort Resolution resident said the only catch he has made that was somewhat similar were two flying squirrels.

"Maybe I'll catch minks next time, if I'm still alive," McKay said. "It's very lucky to get two."

He tries to get out and set traps a couple of times a year, mostly around the Pine Point and Hay River area. 

McKay said he's now hoping to catch a wolverine and lynx.

Rosie Bjorensen

He said he listens to the elders when they say "things don't come to you." So he prefers to work hard and catch his own meat.

He said he used a dog sled to go trapping but now has a much faster skidoo. 

McKay said the land is good right now — he's catching a lot and doesn't plan to stop trapping anytime soon.

"I'm getting a little old now so I'm just doing it as a hobby now," said McKay.

"It's good for me. You are getting out there, being out on the land, lots of fresh air."

A spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources agrees with McKay that trapping two weasels together is rare. The spokesperson added the department doesn't have specific statistics on the likelihood of such a catch.