Have unwanted guns lying around? It's amnesty time in Sask.

Saskatchewan is having another gun amnesty. Anyone who wants to get rid of a gun can turn it over, no strings attached.

Police forces in the province are asking anyone who has extra unwanted guns to call, after which officers will drop by to pick the firearms up.

"For legal gun owners, ones that have them locked up and are using them for legitimate purposes, those aren't the guns we're interested in," said Marlo Pritchard, Chief of the Weyburn Police Service.

"We're just interested in the guns that are unwanted, no longer used, not stored safely. Those are the ones that we would like to have turned over to your local police."

The guns that are turned over are then destroyed.

Police held a similar gun amnesty last year in Saskatchewan. There were 369 guns taken in, according to data provided by the Saskatchewan Association of Police Chiefs. Eighteen were prohibited, one was an antique and 32 were pellet guns.

Regina Police Service

Police urged people looking to get rid of their guns not to bring them to a police station.

Pritchard said the gun amnesty is making a dent in gun crime.

"We do know that weapons are stolen in [break and enters] and those weapons usually end up in a violent crime or can end up in a violent crime. So by removing that opportunity, we believe that it's increasing public safety."

The amnesty ends April 19.