Upcoming Cannabis Cruise 'may not comply' with provincial smoking rules, says Windsor-Essex health unit

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU) said Tuesday that an upcoming Cannabis Cruise organized by Windsor River Cruises and Border City Entertainment "may not comply" with the province's smoking rules.

According to a Tuesday media release, WECHU has informed the cruise's organizers about potential Smoke-Free Ontario Act violations in the event that passengers smoke or vape tobacco or cannabis while on board.

"Individuals should be informed that the upcoming cannabis cruise falls under sections of the [Smoke-Free Ontario Act], pertaining to the smoking or vaping of cannabis in an enclosed workplace, enclosed public place, as well as on a bar or restaurant patio," reads an excerpt from the WECHU's media release. 

"In addition, the consumption (including smoking, vaping, or eating) of cannabis on a vehicle or boat that is being driven or at risk of being put into motion, is prohibited under the Act. "

Windsor River Cruises promotional manager Jessilin Deschamps previously said smokings will be confined to the boat's outdoor lower deck, adding that the vessel will remain in Canadian waters.

"We're not selling. We're not supplying anything and everyone that will be on the boat that day would be within their legal right to have it on them and to be using it," Deschamps previously said.