Green trade show coming to UPEI in April

5 things to know about P.E.I.'s new energy strategy

Islanders interested in learning more about the effects of climate change and how to adopt a greener lifestyle may want to check out a technology trade show coming to Charlottetown in the spring.

"It's really focused on building the green tech, clean tech sector from a business point of view, but also to provide information sessions to educate people on what the options are in terms of consuming less energy, creating less waste, looking at different options," said Mark Carr-Rollitt, manager of the upcoming Atlantic Green Expo.

He explained that the trade show will have practical information for homeowners and businesses about technology, such as solar panels or wood pellet stoves, including the costs and benefits, as well as purchasing and installation.

"There is a lot to figure out and a lot of questions to ask," he said. "There is a lot that we all have to know and there is a lot of different companies doing different things. Everyone's situation is a little bit unique," said Carr-Rollitt.

The event is scheduled for April 21 to 23 at UPEI's School of Sustainable Design. The school is organizing the event along with the university's Climate Lab and the Sierra Club.

Carr-Rollitt said 50 to 60 booths will be set up at the event. Businesses can rent a booth for $500 while the cost for non-profit groups is $100.

He expects about 1,000 people to attend the event. Admission is free.

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