UPEI teaming up with Veterans Affairs Canada

Veterans Affairs Canada and the University of Prince Edward Island have signed a partnership to improve and develop new services for veterans and their families.

The agreement is designed to make collaboration between the two organizations easier in areas of clinical services, recruitment, training, educational services and an overall commitment to "share and learn," a news release from VAC Wednesday stated.

"We got people involved, of course, here [at VAC] in mental health. It gives a better education training, like in psychology for example," said Minister of Veterans Affairs Lawrence MacAulay, adding the partnership is a good move for the department.

MacAulay said veterans will be able to go to UPEI for "mental health help."

Partnering with VAC will also provide UPEI students with the chance to gain employment in the public service. Over the last five years, 860 students have been hired by VAC across the country.

"It gives them basically on-the-job training with the veteran," MacAulay explained.

'We need psychologists'

The partnership will help VAC support research and education foster new employees with the educational experience to meet the needs of veterans and VAC employees, he said.  

"What it does is provide the type of applicant that Veterans Affairs needs," he said. "The fact is we need psychologists, and we don't have psychologists — the university is going to help provide that."

The agreement between VAC and UPEI will remain valid for five years with an option to extend for five years.

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