Urban Meyer's latest gaffe? Saying Jaguars safety who played zero snaps Sunday is 'playing a little bit more'

Urban Meyer has struggled adapting to NFL life, and the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach especially has been at odds with his new city's motto: "It's easier here."

Nothing, it turns out, has been easy this season for the Jags or for Meyer.

But has Meyer done enough to help his own cause? On Sunday morning came an explosive report from NFL media that indicated Meyer has called out his assistant coaches in an embarrassing fashion in front of the team and also had a heated exchange with wide receiver Marvin Jones.

Monday's embarrassing development? Not realizing that safety Andre Cisco (whom Meyer had a hand in drafting) hadn't played on defense in Sunday's 20-0 loss to the Tennessee Titans when asked about him.

This has sort of been par for the course for Meyer in his maiden NFL voyage. After hearing some of his non-answers on certain other topics, such as the strange status of running back James Robinson, it's led many people to ask what exactly Meyer does and where his responsibilities lie with this team.

It was reported that Meyer did meet with Jaguars owner Shad Khan following Sunday's loss — the team's fifth straight — so perhaps some of those answers came out then. What did Meyer convey about his role and his team to the owner during the team's clear low point of the season?

“I assured him that I still believe in my heart that we will (rebound),” Meyer said. “How fast? That depends on … I still think there’s good pieces.”

But when asked Monday if he might be considering a change at offensive coordinator following the fourth shutout in franchise history, Meyer said no changes were imminent.

Those are the same coaches Meyer has been accused of talking down to, blaming and overworking, of course. In short, it has been a complete and utter train wreck to date.

What's next? Buying out Meyer might not be as easy as it seems, Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson writes. And yet even with the team issuing a statement indicating that the Jaguars continue to support Meyer, his series of bungles since taking over are adding a layer of urgency on determining the coach's place with.the team past this season.

It's just a mess, plain and simple. And fixing it will be anything but Jacksonville easy.