'This Is Us' ending has everyone running to the store for batteries

Batteries. It's a simple shopping list item and an incredibly significant answer to the most important question This Is Us fans have been asking since the very beginning.

How did Jack die???

The episode, titled "Clooney," began with a flashback scene of high-school-Kate asking her mom to take her to the mall to shop for a dress for the school's winter formal. An elated Rebecca then tells Jack, "Oh, can you remind me to pick up batteries?" In the moment, the reminder seemed very unimportant, yet trivial enough to make us remember the thought when it came to the last 10 seconds of the show. The cliffhanger.

What seemed like the very first episode to not make us destroy an entire box of tissues, ended up wrecking viewers around the country as Rebecca closed the episode asking Jack, "Hey, babe, did we forget something at the mall?" Jack then responded, "I don't think so." The camera then pulled out to a wide shot, ominously locking on the Pearson family home's smoke detector without, you guessed it, batteries.

Fans on Twitter were totally shook by the revelation as they sent out tweets like

"I AM SCREAMING. That last scene literally sent full body chills through me. NOOOO"

"I didn't know a smoke detector could make me cry"

"Batteries are now on my next shopping list."

and "Seriously, This Is Us might just do more for smoke detector awareness and fire prevention than anything I've seen."

And judging by the preview of next week's episode, we may finally get the answer we've been waiting for. But we're also totally not ready for it.