US imposes sanctions for spreading Russian propaganda in Latin America

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The United States has imposed sanctions on two individuals and two companies for assisting the Russian government in spreading disinformation across Latin American countries, the U.S. Treasury Department announced on March 20.

The sanctions are targeted at political consultant Ilya Gambashidze, founder of Russia’s Social Design Agency (SDA) and Structura companies, and Nikolai Tupikin, CEO of Structura.

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The restrictions include freezing all U.S. assets belonging to the designated persons and prohibit U.S. nationals from conducting business with them. Non-compliance with these requirements could result in additional sanctions.

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Since the fall of 2022, Gambashidze and Tupikin have operated a network of over 60 websites used to disseminate false information about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and to discredit U.S. and NATO policies in Latin American countries.

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In the announcement, Deputy Treasury Secretary for Counterterrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson added that the United States is committed to exposing large-scale campaigns instructed by the Russian government aimed at misleading voters and undermining trust in democratic institutions both in the United States and abroad.

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