US to re-open market to beef exports from Paraguay after 25-year hiatus

ASUNCION (Reuters) - The United States will next month reopen its doors to exports of Paraguayan beef after a quarter of a century, the U.S. embassy in Paraguay said on Thursday, as regulators concluded an extensive review.

President Santiago Pena called the move "a historical milestone" on social media platform X, saying the process had involved long audits and a 25 year wait.

In a separate statement, the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay said that the new regulations make Paraguay one of 18 countries permitted to export beef products to the United States, and would take effect on Dec. 14.

The embassy said Paraguay's successful completion of the review reflected "the high quality of Paraguayan beef and Paraguay's food safety and animal health systems."

The move showed the U.S. commitment to "expand mutually beneficial and inclusive economic opportunities for our peoples," it added.

(Reporting by Daniela Desantis and Lucinda Elliot; Writing by Sarah Morland; Editing by Isabel Woodford)