US Rapper Adopts Dog Hurled at Him by White Woman in Racist Attack, Names it 'Movie'

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Earlier this month, a racist attack went viral where a white woman hurled a puppy to attack a black man. While stories like this can be harrowing, it has culminated in a happy ending for two of the parties involved.

The puppy that was used by the woman, known as “racist Karen”, on the internet, has now been adopted by Abel Goshu, the man who was attacked. The puppy now has a brother too, a Pomeranian Husky named Pluto.

According to Goshu, he was halted by the “disturbed woman” on the way to his car in Los Angeles on October 10, and was “shocked” when she threw the Belgian Malinois puppy she was carrying at him. The whole incident was filmed by him which he then posted online. She even attacked her car and tried to slap him.

However, now Goshu is happy that he could give the puppy a “happy ending,” according to The Dailymail. He has named the Belgian Malinois puppy “Movie.”

“I named her Movie. It just fit because of the situation. It was unreal like something out of a movie. Her life is a lot better now, a happy ending,” he said.

During the incident, Goshu asked the woman where she got the dog from because he had a feeling that Movie was stolen, based on the way she held the dog. He claims he was concerned for the dog’s well-being. On being asked by the man, she threw the dog at him. He maintained that during the racist attack, his concern was to protect the puppy. He first felt bad for her (due to her racist remarks) and couldn’t decide if she was unwell or on drugs. But then she threw the dog and “things got serious.”

He protected the dog and later even took it home. According to Goshu, Movie is settling well into her new life and gets along well with Pluto. He also said people started offering financial support for Movie once the “bizarre and distressing incident” went viral.

He later set-up an account on the crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe so the well-wishers could have a proper channel for donation. Around $8000 ( Rs 5,95,561 INR) has been raised for Movie so far.

Goshu, who is a rapper, says his ultimate goal is to shift to Los Angeles with both his dogs.