'This Is Us' takes on 'Modern Family' in vicious rap battle

It was This Is Us vs. Modern Family as Chrissy Metz and Jesse Tyler Ferguson faced off in this week's Drop the Mic rap battle.

"Your show's about family dynamics, and it's good. But I liked it the first time, when it was called 'Parenthood.' It revolves around family, and all ties together, but that's been the plot of 'Modern Family' forever," rapped Ferguson. Both Metz and Ferguson star on hit television shows but, with 80 Emmy award nominations and 22 wins, there's no denying that any Emmy-bragging rights go to Ferguson, who also rapped, "Your show is full of flashbacks and emotional cues, and it's even more depressing than watching Fox News. It's a TV equivalent to singing the blues, like going against 'Game of Thrones' for Emmys, you'll lose."

While neither should quit their day jobs for a rap career anytime soon, they actually managed to hold their own. In fact, Metz threw down, rapping, "Jesse's real confident, and you have to ask why? He talks a lot of shit for a guy in bow ties. You lost five times for 'Best Supporting Actor,' and you just play yourself, so maybe that's a factor. You're so pale, do you tan often? Forget about the closet, when you comin' out the coffin?" She continued to roast Ferguson's Modern Family role with, "'Modern Family' is huge, it's history, uncanny. But you always get upstaged by a kid named Manny."

It was totally entertaining to watch these two bash each other's shows, but there can only be one winner. In the end, the This Is Us star brought it home for the Pearsons when she won the golden mic!