Used books reeling in thousands for East Hants charities

A woman from Lantz, N.S., is selling used books to raise money for worthy causes in the East Hants area.

Stephanie Isenor started Turning Pages for Charity in 2018. She raises money by selling donated used books through a private Facebook group.

Ninety per cent of the proceeds go to the cause and Isenor keeps 10 per cent to facilitate the program.

"It was in my head for a very, very long time. I'm an avid book lover. I'm also a teacher and I like to inspire people to read and encourage literacy," said Isenor.

"During my carpool to work two years ago, I mentioned it to two fellow co-workers about my idea and asked them what they thought of it and they thought I should give it a try. So I did it and it just kind of took off."

Each book is listed for between $1 and $3. Someone will comment on that they want the book and Isenor will set it aside until it's picked up. When it comes to book donations, Isenor will accept everything except textbooks and encyclopedias.

Recipent of donations determined by vote

Donations and books are collected over the course of the year and the members of the Facebook group decide where the money goes.

In early December, Isenor asks the group for nominees and then later in the month, a vote is held.

"The members have the say of who gets money and where it goes," she said.

During its first year, Isenor raised a little more than $700 for a businesswoman battling cancer. In 2019, she raised more than triple that — around $2,500.

Because she raised so much more, she decided to give $1,137.25 each to two causes: the Lantz fire department for its program to get more automated external defibrillators in schools and a local mother who needs to buy equipment for her child who has cerebral palsy.

Isenor attributes the increase in book sales to word-of-mouth buzz in the community.