Vaccine passport 'going very well' in Témiscaming

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Témiscaming’s mayor Yves Ouellet explained the new vaccine passport program—mandatory throughout Quebec— “is going very well.”

“It’s very simple, and works very well,” he said, referring to the process of scanning a resident’s passport code.

Vaccine passports were introduced in Quebec on September 1. A two-week grace period was given from the first until September 14 when the passport will be in use, but no penalties will be imposed for violations.

The province adopted the passports in part to “make it possible for businesses to stay open,” the province explained on their website.

“They had a certain time to adapt,” to the new regulation and procedure, Ouellet said. “But now they don’t have a choice, they have to do it, and now everything seems to be in line.”

People aged 13 and up are eligible for vaccine passports “where the risk of transmission is high,” the province outlines on their website, specifying “events and festivals, performance halls and sports arenas, casinos, cinemas, fitness centres, team sports, bars, restaurants, and certain extracurricular activities.”

“Employers are not able to require one as a hiring criterion,” the province adds.

How does it work? People are required to show a quick response (QR) code in digital or paper form. The digital will be a PDF file on one’s mobile device. QR codes can also be printed for those without a smart phone.

Along with the passport photo ID will also be required for all people over 16.

A vaccine passport differs from a proof of vaccination. The former “will not show your personal information other than your name, nor information about your medical, vaccination, or exemption history,” the province explains.

For those visiting Quebec from outside the province, a valid photo ID is required to show you are a non-resident, and therefore exempt from possessing Quebec’s vaccine passport.

However, official proof of vaccination against Covid-19 issued by the visitor’s province or country must be provided.

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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