Val Marie sees largest temperature shift in Sask. in 2017

Val Marie sees largest temperature shift in Sask. in 2017

The residents of Val Marie experienced both very hot and very cold temperatures in 2017.

On July 8, which was the warmest day in Val Marie, temperatures rose to a scorching 38.5 C. In contrast, the community's coldest day, Dec. 31, saw the mercury plummet to –44.2 C — a huge difference of 82.7 degrees between the two temperatures. 

Maple Creek, which is frequently Saskatchewan's hot spot, Coronach and Regina had the next-biggest numbers.

Maple Creek's warmest day last year was July 30, when the temperature hit 36.3 C. Its coldest day was also Dec. 31, which occurred during the extreme cold snap that blanketed the province. That's when the temperature dropped to –40.8 C, for a difference of 77.1 degrees from the community's highest temperature earlier in the year.

Also on Dec. 31, Coronach recorded a temperature of –38 C. Five months earlier, on July 8, it was 77 degrees warmer, at a temperature of 39 C.

Regina — which experienced its driest July in 130 years — saw its warmest day on July 8, when the mercury hit 37.7 C. On Dec. 30, the temperature dropped to –36.2 C.

John Paul Cragg, warning preparedness meteorologist for Environment Canada, says extreme differences aren't that uncommon annually.

Regina, for example, sees about 1.4 days, on average, with temperatures of 35 C or higher. Meanwhile, the temperature drops below –30 C about 12 days a year, he added.

Clarification : A previous version of this story stated that Val Marie, Sask., saw the largest temperature shift in Canada in 2017. In fact, it saw the largest temperature shift in Saskatchewan.(Jan 03, 2018 5:51 PM)