Our values lead us to say no to anti-LGBTQ bills, including for trans children | Opinion

I attended the House hearing on a bill that would intervene in families’ private medical decisions by barring gender treatment for children. Testimony from possibly affected families fell on deaf ears. Rep. Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, signaled that he also wants to charge parents with child abuse and to restrict families’ ability to travel to receive health care.

The next day the lobby group Texas Values Action, which supported the trans bill, opposed another that would repeal laws criminalizing homosexuality. These measures promote narrow sectarian interests over those of the many mainline religions that affirm LGBTQ people. I am a director of religious education at one such Tarrant County congregation.

There are more than 140 anti-LGBTQ bills filed in the Legislature this year. Urge your representatives to reject the vilification of your LGBTQ neighbors, friends, family and colleagues because it is not consistent with your Texas values.

- Sarah Berel-Harrop, Fort Worth

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