Van der Vechte seeks to amplify voices of Grey Highlands

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Joe Van der Vechte is running for Grey Highlands council because he wants to be a voice for local residents at the council table.

Van der Vechte lives in Eugenia and was born and raised in Collingwood on a 100-acre farm. In his twenties, he ran a landscaping business before seeking a new adventure in the operation of a golf driving range. He has taught skiing at Blue Mountains Resorts and is currently the facilities manager at Beaver Valley Ski Club.

“I am running for councillor not for myself, but for the residents of Grey Highlands. They need a voice, someone who will listen and fight for them. I am that voice,” he said. “I am fighting to make our communities safer, and fighting to protect our community and lands.”

Van der Vechte is promising to keep a close eye on municipal finances and will support local businesses as they grow.

“I am also fighting to have our council be financially responsible, life is getting expensive enough,” he said “I want to see our local businesses that closed during COVID, come back and be prosperous.”

Van der Vechte wants to see an open government and promised to represent all the people of Grey Highlands.

“I believe our local government needs to be transparent, honest and accountable. I will fight for the many, not the few,” he said.

With change on the horizon, he promised to do what is right for the municipality.

“I am not against change, as long as it is best for the community and residents,” he said. “I live, work and play in our beautiful area, and want to help fight for it. I look forward to serving the people of Grey Highlands.”

Chris Fell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,