Vancouver 'booze-can' operator runs afoul of COVID-19 laws

·1 min read

A downtown Vancouver party host has been hit with $2,500 in COVID-19 related fines.

Vancouver Police say they were alerted to the "booze-can" operation by a woman who reported approximately 100 people inside a Richards Street condo party she was invited to.

Police said the party was so large it featured a doorman wearing a protective vest using a counting device and carrying several denominations of money.

According to the VPD, the apartment has been cited in four separate complaints about large gatherings this month alone, although this was the first time the owner was ticketed.

He was handed two fines under the COVID-19 Emergency Measures Act: $2,300 for hosting the unlawful event and $230 for failing to wear a face covering.

VPD say "further enforcement action could be taken" related to the operation.

Investigators and Crown counsel are also working to obtain court-ordered conditions that will prohibit the man from hosting large parties.