As Vancouver election looms, Coun. George Affleck leaves politics

As Vancouver election looms, Coun. George Affleck leaves politics

With less than a year before the next municipal election, Vancouver Coun. George Affleck, 53, says he won't be pursuing a third term on city council due to personal reasons.

"I'm sincere in my post on Facebook that this decision was something we decided when we sat down as a family," said Affleck during CBC's On the Coast.

"I wanted to let people know that after much discussion with my family, friends and others, I have made the decision not to seek the nomination of mayoral candidate for the NPA (Non-Partisan Association); nor will I be seeking a third term as a Councillor," read Affleck's Facebook post Wednesday morning.

The NPA is having an open selection process for its mayoral candidate in 2018, and, as the councillor who received the most votes in the 2014 election, Affleck would have been considered one of the front-runners for the party's choice for mayor.

After seven years on council, Affleck said his children were at first resistant to him leaving politics.

"My youngest one has only known me in politics ...They, of course, were like, 'what do you mean? You've got to be the mayor, Dad,' because they think it's cool. But there's a job to do there, and it's a big job," Affleck told On the Coasthost Stephen Quinn.

Affleck said whoever is mayor has a lot of commitments and time restrictions that aren't always conducive to family life. He also said his business, Curve Communications, hasn't been helped by him being busy with politics.

Affleck said there was a lot of support from his party for a mayoral candidacy, and while he doesn't want to disappoint his backers, he feels he's served Vancouver well during his time.

"I love Vancouver and I feel like I've done what I can do in the last seven years. It's challenging, because I feel I could've done some things as mayor," said Affleck.

"I literally changed my mind every five minutes, back and forth on the idea for the last couple months."

Affleck is the second Vancouver city councillor to decline a mayoral candidacy. Vision Coun. Andrea Reimer withdrew in October.

With files from On the Coast