Vancouver police arrest 6 protesters for blocking intersection on Black Friday

Vancouver police arrested six activists with the group Extinction Rebellion after they held up traffic for hours on Black Friday by setting up a clothing swap in the intersection of Robson and Thurlow streets, which is a popular shopping destination.

The group, which considers itself a global environmental movement against climate change, offered upcycled goods, second-hand clothes, and a seed library in response to what it calls the "corporate consumerism" of Black Friday.

In a statement, Sgt. Aaron Roed said although the protest was peaceful, the six arrests were made for mischief after protesters stopped traffic and erected structures blocking a main intersection.

"Protesters perched themselves on top of the structures and refused to leave the area, despite several requests, and then warnings, from officers."

Activists sang and chanted as the last protester who had been sitting in the middle of the intersection was taken into police custody at around 7 p.m.

Some shoppers agreed with the protesters' message, but blocking traffic to fight climate change didn't make sense to everyone.

Shopper Kristen Gagnon said, "I mean it makes perfect sense to me why they are doing it — they want to be seen they want to be noticed. The only thing that's illogical is blocking traffic in that manner caused us to be in traffic way longer, idling, so there is a bit of irony to it, but I completely understand their position." 

The seven-hour demonstration wrapped up after the last arrest.