Vancouver breaks 65-year-old dry weather record

When it comes to having dry weather in Vancouver, 14 is the lucky number.

With no rain falling Thursday and none expected Friday, 14 will be how many consecutive rain-free days Vancouver has enjoyed since Oct. 25. 

But change is on the way.

"The dry streak is pretty much guaranteed to be over by Saturday, with widespread rain forecast for the whole region," said CBC meteorologist Brett Soderholm.

This stretch breaks a seasonal record set in 1954, when there was a dry spell between the months of October and November for 12 days. To put that record in perspective, 1954 was the year the B.C. Lions were founded and Oprah Winfrey was born.

Ben Nelms/CBC

"Friday is looking largely dry as well. However, showers are expected late at night, perhaps around 11 p.m., making it too close to call as to whether the streak will get up to 14 days," Soderholm predicted.

As for the rest of the long weekend, Sunday is looking less wet than Saturday, with only a few showers possible in the morning.

Soderholm's forecast predicts seasonal temperatures of about 10 C or slightly above for the foreseeable future.

November is usually the wettest month of the year for Vancouver, with an average of 186 millimetres of precipitation.