Vandalism on the rise in Mulgrave

MULGRAVE – A wave of vandalism has struck the Town of Mulgrave in the last two months. The destruction of property has often focused on the construction site of the new bridge on Main Street.

Mulgrave Mayor Ron Chisholm told The Journal on Oct. 30, “They’ve been tearing the lights off, the flashing lights…I would say six or seven of them are gone…some of the signs warning people that it’s a dead end; they’ve been torn down, thrown over the bank. They’ve been repaired, I’d say, at least a dozen times.

“Two weeks ago, one of the portable flashing arrow signs, it was destroyed also. They ripped the controller right out of the solar panel, cut the wires off and tore the jack off the trailer pull,” said Chisholm.

This past week more signs were damaged or removed at locations in the central part of town, including a large sign advertising the Scotia Trail and a street sign erected by the town to direct people to the town’s library, fire department and medical centre.

“It’s beginning to be a little bit much,” Chisholm told The Journal. He said the vandals are costing the town money and these acts are disheartening when many people are working on building the town up. And beyond those concerns is the issue of safety –the removal of barrier and warning pylons on town roads is a threat to public safety.

The RCMP, said Chisholm, “They’re definitely working on it. They’re not saying much. There’s a possibility of a lead or two. We’re hoping that something can be done.” Chisholm said that people in the town are frustrated and he encourages them to report any vandalism they see to the RCMP and, if possible, take pictures of any scene they chance upon.

Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Guysborough Journal