Variable fire urchin is a beautiful and venomous animal

This variable fire sea urchin is beautiful and colourful. It appears to be soft and feathery as it undulates across the coral or sandy bottom on which it lives, but touching it will pack a punch. Its spines are venomous on the tips and the result of touching this creature would be a painful, burning sensation. Contact can even result in nausea and illness. Sea urchins are animals, even though they don't possess eyes or limbs like most animals. They are spherical and divided into 5 segments, much like a starfish. They wander over the bottom of the ocean, eating algae and small crustaceans. These fire urchins were filmed in the waters of Komodo Island in Indonesia during a night dive The urchins are active at night and their movement and colour are mesmerizing. Roughly the size of a small dinner or side plate, these are among the larger sea urchins.