The Vault Cultural Collective celebrates newly approved five-year lease

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The Vault Cultural Collective is hosting its grand opening in their new building, which used to house the old Standard Shoe Shop, following the lease of the building to the collective.

The collective is made up of seven non-profit organizations, including Arts on 817, Strathmore Children’s Choir Performing Arts, Strathmore Performing Arts Festival, Strathmore Theatre Players’ Guild, Western District Historical Society, Wheatland County Historical Society and the Wheatland Society of Arts.

Artistic Director of Arts on 817, Carolyn Steeves, said the collective is excited to be set up at the new facility and the team has a lot to offer.

“The Vault Cultural Collective is wanting to be a one-stop-shop for all things cultural and historical in the town,” she said. “We have art from the Wheatland Society of the Arts on display … I think it’s something like 26 artisans’ works are on display, we are going to be selling tickets, we are going to be running programming… we are literally at the very beginnings of our existence.”

The Collective, as of Sept. 1, is the holder a five-year lease of the building, which was approved unanimously by town council.

On Sept. 17 and 18, the vault is hosting their grand opening. The first night is a private reception for those who were integral to acquiring the building. The following day will be open to the public with demonstrations and events running.

Cabot Crossing will be playing a show on Sept. 18 in a free concert being offered to not only to patrons of the Vault but to the community of Strathmore and the area at large.

“We’re hoping to rekindle everyone’s love for the arts in Strathmore and area,” said Steeves. “What we meant by ‘rekindling the arts in Strathmore is, basically nothing has happened since March 2019. Everything was shutdown, the concert stages were closed.”

She added a host of events will be held at The Vault on Sept. 18 to celebrate the establishment.

“We will all be in costume… there’s going to be giveaways and raffles, and we are going to have some artists around doing demos and things,” she said.

The Vault will also be hosting concerts throughout the next several months, continuing into the spring which those who are interested may purchase tickets to attend.

Cabot Crossing will be held at the amphitheater in Kinsmen Park starting at 4 p.m. on Sept. 18.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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