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I shop for a living and these hangers are the best purchase I've ever made to organize my closet

Sweaters hung up in a closet
Matching velvet hangers bring calm where once there was chaos (Photo: Getty Images)

I still remember the day I hit organizational rock bottom. I was trying to wrangle a coat from the grips of my stuffed-to-the-brim closet, pulling at the metal hanger as it held on for dear life. I had to literally extract the hanger, as it was stuck in between other hangers and coats and wrapped around a scarf and who-knows-what. I was exasperated. I realized right then and there that I needed a closet makeover.

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I had metal hangers. Plastic hangers—of all different widths and colors. Hangers with white dry-cleaner paper on them. Clip hangers that weren’t clipping anything, just hanging out. Mismatched hangers looked terrible and made me cringe every time I opened the closet door. That morning, I decided to toss all the random hangers and finally—against my frugal nature—buy one nice set of hangers that all looked deliciously the same.

As a magazine editor covering home-related topics like organizing and cleaning, I knew velvet hangers were all the rage. I bought 50 black ones and never looked back. They are much thinner than plastic and wood hangers, so they take up noticeably less space. They hang straight, unlike metal hangers. The velvet is grippy, so silky blouses and tank tops stay put, and the curves keep the shape of sweaters without making the shoulders bulge out.

Opening my closet now feels (dare I say it?) calming, a far cry from before. I even bought velvet kid-size hangers for my daughters’ closets and they’ve helped bring a sliver of sanity to one wild and crazy room.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to finally get your closets organized, velvet hangers are a must! With so many options available it can be hard to know which to choose so we've rounded up the seven best velvet hangers worthy of your wardrobe. Keep reading to learn about them all and shop your favorites below.

These are so pretty, with pink flocking and rose gold swivel hooks, it’s almost a shame to cover them with clothes! They’re also some of the sturdiest hangers around, holding up to 18 pounds.
$30 at Amazon

Reviewers can’t get enough: “They just make my closet and everything in it look so glam! The rose gold brings a touch of class and a smile to my face. Plus, I’ve had them for about a month and not one has broken yet, which in my household is pretty impressive.”

Perfect for tops and dresses, with contoured shoulders and handy notches for camisoles and the like. The non-slip design will keep all your clothing in place and there are seven pretty colors to choose from.
$17 at Amazon

“Wow...these hangers sure made much more room in my closet — they are thin so you can hang many more clothes in a limited space," raved one shopper. "Yet they are sturdy and the flocking keeps blouses (and pants) on the hangers. Very pleased with these!

From classic navy and blacks to pretty pastel pinks and purples, these hangers come in so many colors you're sure to find one that matches your aesthetic. Plus, they get great reviews across the board for durability.
$32 at Amazon

One customer called them "perfect" before adding, "Sturdy, elegant and slim-exactly what I was needing. Worth every penny"

Hang entire outfits together by using the upper bar for belts or scarves and the lower bar for pants. These hangers have been recently redesigned to make them even stronger—they can now hold 12 pounds each, whereas most velvet hangers hold 10, so you can use them for heavy wool jackets or suits.
$24 at Amazon

They feature swiveling rust-proof chrome hooks and velvet that doesn’t shed onto clothes like some competing brands.

More than 150,000 shoppers have given these sleek hangers a perfect five-star rating. The velvet-coated hangers boast swivel hooks and notched shoulders — and they can hold up to 10 pounds at a time.
$20 at Amazon

"I have gotten these hangers many times for both myself and others! I love that they are felt so my clothes don't fall off of them, unlike regular plastic hangers. I actually got rid of all of my hangers beside these because they just work so well," said one happy customer.

Get your kids’ closets in gear with these mini velvet versions. Each hanger is 14 inches long and holds up to 5 pounds.
$23 at Amazon

One five-star reviewer wrote: “Love them! Makes my 6-year-old’s closet look so grown up and organized!”

These clever pant hangers will add space to your closet and they're on double discount right now. The ultra-thin design will help you fit more skirts and bottoms into your closet. Plus, the clips are adjustable to easily fit different pieces in your wardrobe.
$26 at Amazon

"I just replaced all of my wooded pants hangers with these, and made tons more space in our closets," said one shopper. "The best part is that the clips easily move back and forth on the bar, open easily, and accommodate thick fabric - unlike some I have tried that are stiff and do not open wide enough."

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