Venomous scorpion found in Winnipeg man's townhouse

A Winnipeg man discovered an unwelcome houseguest in his new home last week — a scorpion that is believed to be one of the most venomous in North America.

James Vandal says he saw the scorpion in the townhouse he recently started renting on Sara Avenue, between Maryland and Sherbrook streets.

Vandal told CBC News he was in his bedroom, located in the basement, on Friday night when he noticed something move across the floor.

Initially thinking it was a centipede or some other insect, Vandal took a closer look and saw the tail in the air and claws moving.

Vandal said he then scooped up the tiny creature with a jar and a piece of paper.

His landlord contacted a local pest control company, which has identified Vandal's find as an Arizona bark scorpion, which is the most venomous scorpion in North America.

It's not clear how the scorpion, which is more common in the southwestern United States, ended up in Winnipeg.

An official with the pest control company said it might have come up with some building supplies that were used during renovations.

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