Vermont Game Wardens Use Crane to Remove Moose From Railroad Bridge

Game Wardens in Cavendish, Vermont, tranquilized a 700lb moose after it fell through the tracks of an active railroad bridge on Wednesday, January 22.

According to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, the moose was “carefully approached” by game wardens who sedated it with a tranquilizer.

Wardens, along with the help of the Springfield Fire Department and a crew from the Vermont Rail System, placed the moose into a sling attached to a railroad crane truck and relocated the animal “to a safe area where it could return to the wild with minimal injuries.”

“The focus of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is on population level threats to species, and it is rare that this kind of intervention makes sense because of the risk posed to the animal and responders,” the department wrote on Facebook.

“Such recoveries are many times not successful. It’s great to see that in this case it ended well for those involved and for this very fortunate moose.” Credit: Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department via Storyful