'I was very angry:' Tools, food among items stolen in break-in at Oromocto food bank

Food, tools and household supplies have been stolen from the food bank in Oromocto, N.B.

Someone broke into three separate storage sheds behind the main building.

Jane Buckley, executive director of the food bank that serves Oromocto and the surrounding area, made the discovery Friday morning when she arrived at work.

She said it happened sometime after the food bank closed Thursday evening. 

"I was very angry," Buckley said.

Buckley said there's about $800 worth of damage and stolen property, but she's thankful not much food was taken.

Gary Moore/CBC

"There was no critical food, like there are no canned goods in the shed." 

Two of the storage units are used to keep excess stock, mostly dry food and household supplies.

The other shed is used to store maintenance tools. Buckley said a drill was taken from there. 

Buckley said it could've been worse. Still, she's disheartened that someone would steal from a food bank.

"We are a very prominent business in this community and we are very good to people."

A set of footprints in the snow traced the route someone took from the sheds, which Buckley said the RCMP examined when she reported the crime. The crowbar used to break open the doors was also left behind.

Gary Moore/CBC

The main building to the food bank wasn't touched in the incident, but Buckley said staff felt violated Friday.

"Yesterday was a defeated day. You're kinda looking over your shoulder and wondering who did it and why."

Buckley said the food bank might have to install a security system and new doors.

She said she doesn't know who's responsible for the theft but said if someone is hungry and looking for food, they can visit the food bank during office hours.