Vice principal takes dating profile pics in prom photo booth not realizing they’d be shared with entire school

This high school vice principal spent 20 minutes before prom taking selfies in the rental photo booth for his dating profile without knowing they’d be sent out to the whole school.

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TikToker Mr. B (@notoriousmisterbee) is vice principal at a high school in Florida. He also happens to be a bachelor looking for love. Much to his embarrassment, Mr. B accidentally alerted the entire school about his quest for love when the first 40 photos from the link sent out with all the prom pictures were selfies for his dating profile.

Mr. B then created a TikTok clip detailing his discovery. In the on-screen text, Mr. B jokes that it’s a “good thing the students won’t find out that their vice principal spent 20 minutes before prom in the photo booth taking dating profile selfies.”

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However, Mr. B’s assumption turns out to be incorrect, as shown in the following shot featuring a full page of thumbnail images of him earnestly smiling and posing in a blue suit and tie in front of a tinsel backdrop before a coworker joins in on the fun.

Mr. B explains that a link with all the prom pictures was sent out to the whole school, and the first 40 images are all from his mini photo shoot.

A pre-prom joke?

Viewers took to the comments to joke about Mr. B’s innocent mishap.

“I love that [they’re] almost the exact same photo,” one user observed.

“The good thing is [that] you took so many, so it almost looks deliberate, like it was a pre-prom joke,” mentioned one TikToker.

Others were curious to know the identity of the woman pictured with him in the photos at the bottom of the screen.

“I think you should go for the person you took photos with at the end,” TikToker Elyse Myers suggested.

Mr. B responded by saying that the woman is “just a coworker,” to which another TikToker replied, “And?”

Based on viewers’ responses to Mr. B’s video, which has received 1.8 million views, he might not need a dating profile for that much longer.

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