Victoria Park bike lane opens May 1

Victoria Park bike lane opens May 1

After a cold and wet April, two sure signs of spring offer hope that cycling and patio dining in Charlottetown are just around the corner.

On May 1, Victoria Row will be closed to vehicles and the Victoria Park bike lane will open.

It will stay that way until Oct. 31.

Vehicle traffic will be permitted to travel one way through the Victoria Park along the outside lane closest to the water. The inside lane will be for wheeling traffic, including bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, inline skates and other self-propelled wheeling devices.

No walkers or runners on bike lane

For safety reasons, walkers and runners, including those pushing a stroller or walking a pet, are not permitted on the cycling lane, the city says.

Every year during the tourist season, Victoria Row, which features restaurants, shops and a stage for live music, becomes a pedestrian area closed to all traffic except emergency and delivery vehicles.

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