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    TOTALLY MISS THE POINT. Canadians are not anti immigrant. Just the opposite. we deeply support anyone who comes to Canada to share our values. That's the key component. You can come from different places and have your own culture, but you MUST find common values that everyone can interact with you. I don't have sympathy for NATIVE BORN CANADIANS who don't want to work, or feel the laws should be changed just for their own sensibilities, or think the rules shouldn't apply to them. We are passionate about our values of civil liberties, community, tolerance, freedom, and the ability to create your own destiny. What people resent is welcoming people here and they don't want be a part of the mosaic. They only see their part of the mosaic and ignore the rest. That is a major issue that many Canadians don't respect. If you work hard, and even make an attempt to fit in and contribute positively to the Canadian community, no one has a problem with you. In fact, there are immigrants that have the same sentiments I have personally talked to who can't stand immigrants coming to Canada trying to change it into their old homeland. The FOUGHT AND SACRIFICED to come to this country for it's values, so I would listen to them more than anyone else Those are the immigrants that are an asset to Canada.
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    We just have to remember at election time!
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    Coming as a valid refugee with papers and through immigration is the normal way to enter, not sneaking across the border from a country they already were safe at
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    Some of the opinions here are appalling. My parents were refugees that came to Canada in the 1950's, my father was under a death warrant (shoot on sight). They did not get welfare and took every #$%$ job available and raised us to love Canada and to have compassion towards other refugees and immigrants. People from the country my parents were from were considered dangerous just like muslims today and they were on the receiving end of racism but always taught us to never do it to anyone else no matter how bad they were treated. All of us children went to college or university on our own dime and have contributed to society, because we actually had a chance. Try living in a dangerous communist country and then get back to me.
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    Tell that to Muslim and Arab refugees who comes over here for free and tries to convert Canada into the same shitty#$%$ed up country that they just escaped from.
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    Make it seem as though Canada has open boarders. They do not.
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    Canadians aren't anti-immigrant or anti-refugee, Canadians are anti-freebie immigrants and anti-freebie refugees which is what the current system under Turdo is doing. If Canada brings in immigrants who can help the country either economically or another way that doesn't involve getting stuff for free, we're all for it. Most of the refugees that have come here are getting freebies and that's what people are complaining about. There are two types of foreigners who come to Canada, there are the foreigners who come for education/better job (You can trust these guys because they will pay taxes and they work hard for a living) and then you have the freeloaders who don't do anything for the country, but leech off it; these are the worst types of immigrants/refugees. Let's not even talk about the Muslims either because that's really where all the bad things seem to begin especially in the current society, but we have a Muslim loving Turdo who just can't say no to them.
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    The News Media again trying to get sympathy for all the garbage coming into Canada.
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    We took in more than enough uneducated middle eastern and african garbage. Now is time to stop and prioritize. I am sure that there are thousands educated people from Europe that want to move here to escape islmization of Europe. They are more than welcome here.
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    Canada used to be "a free land". Today it is a highly controlled socialist country exploiting propaganda from preschool children books, throughout the educational system, the media, and all government institutions, unions etc to deny democracy and promote political agendas. Freedom is a dream in Canada. Government has taken on a religious role of promising to provide everything while stealing the pride of responsibility from those that want to be free and independent.